Thursday, January 8, 2009


Loves to howl when we grind coffee in the morning.
Runs around whinning when we come home. Kisses our faces. It lasts relevant to how long we've been gone.
Eats rubber gloves. She's had two operations for eating the long yellow gloves whole. We are very careful to keep them from her. She thinks she's stealing them from us.
Sleeps with me every night.
Only will eat Beef, Bacon & Cheese, Pedigree canned food and only from the small cans not the big ones.
Eats my food. Expects me to share. She will sniff my mouth to see if I've been eating without her.
Loves pancakes and waffles. She eats bananas, ice cream, loves pumpkin pie, cottage cheese, of course any meats but lamb is her favorite,
Won't eat elk legs.
Will steal napkins off our laps and guests laps.
Will only approach a stranger who is sitting at the breakfast table and will accept food from them.
Will not let anyone touch her but the two of us.
Remembers people very well.
Is only comfortable around people she grew up with.
Will not accept caretakers, even after being around them for a year.
Never forgets.
Is scared of everything. Doesn't like the furniture re-arranged. Thinks everything is a trap.
Is very territorial with other animals.
Likes the horses.

Stories I recall:
Posted 1/09

Yippee was extremely playful her first 6 years. We had a Jack Russell called Bijou that was older than Yippee by 7 years. Yippee tormented Bijou and Bijou just hated her. All Bijou was interested in was food. At the breakfast table both would beg. I'd hand Yippee a piece of toast and Bijou would be very upset. Yippee would taunt her with it. Lay in front of her with a keen eye and lay the toast on the floor. Bijou would stand very tense and as soon as she made any move Yippee would grab it up and run with Bijou growling and nipping at her heels. Yippee would run over the couches back, around and under the table, all over the house. When Bijou got tired. Yippee would lay with the toast in front of her until she caught her breath and it would start all over again. As soon as Yippee saw that Bijou was growing very tired she would just walk over and give the toast to Bijou. Don't feel sorry for Bijou, she'd retaliate. She would steal Yippees toys and lay on the floor snarling and snapping at her. Yippee would lay in front of her and slowly reach out her paw to touch the toy and Bijou would snap at it and grab the toy and walk proudly off.

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