Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Attack Pomeranians

When we lived in the house previous to this one, we had a very beautiful back yard that had a nice little creek running through it. I had built a curved bridge over it with benches built into the sides. It had a pond that it ran through right behind the house. The pond was surrounded by huge willow trees with 3' trunks. In the far corner of our yard there were large willows next to the creek. There was a little waterfall that divided the creek at that point. It was all lawn on both sides of the creek but we left the area immediately next to it a wildlife area. I had a cable strung the full length of the back yard so I could tie Yippee to it and she'd have space to run back and forth.

I was fixing lunch one day and looked out the kitchen window and saw that Yippee was tangled around a tree and only had about 3' of line. I thought I'd just finish up the task I was on and I'd go untangle her. I was headed out the door and I start hearing a ruckus. My neighbor, Val, on that end of the property had a large lawn, about 2 acres. They had two cute little black Pomeranians, Snickers and Ringo. Yippee had played with them when she was a small puppy. But we had to keep them apart as she grew. Snickers and Ringo were always running around the neighborhood and would run off for a day or so. I'd always get calls asking if I'd seen them. They were cute but totally out of control. We were also keeping our Jack Russell Bijou and Yippee apart at that time.

When I went out the door I saw the trouble. Bijou ran out the door with me. Ringo and Snickers were attacking Yippee, she was totally tied against the tree by this time. Bijou ran and jumped in the middle of it fighting the other 3. The Pomeranian's were taking a beating even with Yippee hobbled to the tree. Bijou was biting them all. Ringo fell into the creek and didn't even try to swim. He just sank to the bottom. I reached in and grabbed him pulling him out. He bite me but he just laid shaking when I laid him on the ground. I was afraid he had broken his back. Snickers was crying and ran home. I had no problems getting Yippee back into her kennel. I had problems keep Bijou from attacking her all the way. I got a box and went to Ringo and rolled him into it and started off to the neighbors. As luck would have it, my neighbor had her ladies group over for lunch. By that time Snickers had alerted them and Val came running out with one of the old ladies far behind her. Val asked what had happened. I told her and she apologized for her dogs attacking Yippee. They had come onto my property. Val and I were good friends and I wasn't worried a bit about the encounter coming between us. Her old friend starting yelling at me, "Why are you keeping such a dangerous animal and letting it out to attack dogs?" She was very confrontational. Val explained it wasn't Yippee's or my fault. I told her it could have happened if we just had a dog tied out there. I believe that Bijou had done as much damage to them as Yippee. Yippee had bites all over her too. Poor Ringo and Snickers, both of them had a lot of open wounds, their skin off their backs had been about pulled off. Val rushed them to the veterinary and had to leave both of them there. They were in real rough shape and the veterinary didn't know if Ringo would make it. Neither had any broken bones. It took them a couple of weeks to recover at the vets. It cost Val over $2000 to repair them. I felt bad but Val assured me it was her fault for letting them run. I did agree with that.

About 6 months later both Pomeranian's tangled with a couple of raccoon. Snickers lost an eye. Both spent time at the veterinarians again and were as bad off as the first time. Both lived. Ringo had some problems after than and had a few seizures. He died from them a few years after that. Snickers is still alive and well today.

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Fram said...

We once had a half-Pomeranian, half-Spitz who decided to chase a Chesapeake Bay off our yard. I was about one hundred yards away and took off at a run while the two of them stood sort of nose-to-nose, trying to stare each other down, with the little guy barking like crazy. Fortunately, the Chesapeake was a gentleman. He began to stroll away even before I reached them.

Those little guys frequently are the trouble makers. Chesapeakes, coyotes, raccoons. They have no fear, and many people don't want to understand.

Interesting and entertaining story.